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User Testimonials
I have been a BigZoo subscriber for more than a month now.  

With the exception of a rare busy signal during evening hours, I have found 
their service reliable and delivering as promised.  BigZoo has been great, 
not only for interstate calls, but for intrastate calls as well.  With two 
daughters in college across the state, using BigZoo has greatly reduced our 
phone bill.  They use it like a calling card.

I also save on nearby local calls that normally cost me 25 cents per call.  
If I know my call will be less than six minutes, I can save from 4-21 cents 
per call by using BigZoo instead.

I appreciate the page you have set up with your impressions of BigZoo:

...and have referred others to it.  Thanks!


Mark A. Copeland
Kissimmee, FL  U.S.A.