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Thanks for visiting my Ballroom Web page! To get a quick glimpse of the major features of this web site, check out the "Quick Tour" from the main menu. Come visit again for new updates! :-) 
-- Allan Jeong 

Allan, Thanks! The video clip on the web page really helped me figure out why I keep tripping my partner on the tipple chasse! A.S. 
-- A.S. 

Allan - This page looks really great! Not only that, but I actually find it helpful. Great job! 
-- G.I. 

Hi, Allan - Great homepage and video! It's cool. The dance technique page is very helpful for me to read. Thanks. There are a little typos on the page for lines and directions. The last line should read "DC = diagonal center". Also, the caption on the top of the waltz foot diagram should be "American Waltz Routine". Keep on the great work. 
-- A.L 

Hi Allan, You could probably add all that fun stuff about delayed rise in waltz to your list, along with counting the 1/2 beats and clearing the feet on the 3 &1/2. Mike seemed pretty into that on Monday. Great idea BTW!! Have a good one. 
-- L.K. 

Hey Allan you have done some pretty impressive work. I'm jealous though because there isn't stuff of the woman's part. Do you think you could hook something up? Let me know, Thanks Again. 
-- K.J.