After you've successfully signed your guestbook with this form and checked it out, you can navigate back and click here to view the html for your custom guestbook. You will need to save it to your own server just like you would edit and save any other page on your server. First you should sign it as is to get the feel for how it will work.
This Guestbook form uses the following fields...

These fields are standard fields...

These fields are special fields and can be used later for database
queries, etc...
Example: If you are interested in collecting information on a particular
value, say "favorite color", you should use the "reference" field to 
hold that particular piece of data because "reference" is used specifically
at Lpage for sorting and grouping (unlike other fields)

Start of Custom Guestbook Sign-in Form

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How Old are you:


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Have you signed our guestbook before...

Check if you would like this to be a private message...
Remember from above that this guestbook form uses the following

we do not need to use private in the display since it is just for
hiding an entry...
We need to write the html and put each entry within tildes. Use upper
case and put them where you wish.

We can also include date,ipaddress,browser fields to be displayed even
though we did
not specify them in the guestbook form...


o  Notice that date,browser,ipaddress were not used on the guestbook
   form but will still included in the output
o  The form field "reference" is a special field and is always specifically
   tracked in the database so you can check for it using the statistics
o  Similarly, the form field "email" is also specifically tracked so you can
   send your guests an email.
o  The form field "private" is also special and is only used to hide the
   contents of a guestbook entry. It should never be used in a custom
   guestbook entry template.
o  If you wish never to have private guestbook entries, do not put the
   "private" form field on your sign-in form.