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Hustle Routine Sequence II
    I don't know the official names of these figures, nevertheless a description of the steps in the video clip are provided below. Click anywhere on the video to pause for frame-by-frame viewing. To restart the video from the beginning, right-mouse click in the video window and select 'Reload frame'.
    1. Start L foot forward on beat 2, R foot foward on 3.
    2. Cross-body into lady's free 1-1/2 left spin. Guide lady out of turn with R hand on lady's back.

    3. Lead lady to open curl out with right 1/2 turn leading with R hand palm.

    4. Open basic with both hands on lady's waist. Lady does a body ripple after back step. Lead lowers into knees. 

    5.  R hand leads lady to right 1/2 turn while keeping L hand placed across  lady's stomach.

    6.  Lady rolls out into a 1-1/2 left free spin with left hand lead. Lead checks turn with R hand on lady's back after one full spin.

    7.  Cross-body left turn basic.

    8.  Open basic with egg-beater arm motion.

    9.  Cross-body right 1-1/2 underarm turn.

    10. Check turn with R hand to reverse lady's spin to the left with 2 full turns. Lead the lady forward on the &1 count, and not a rock step. At the end of the first spin, lady raises R arm into second spin for visual effect.

    11. Lady finishes free spin with 1/2 left turn with R hand lead on lady's back. Complete turn with an open position and left hand hold.


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 By Allan Jeong
July 16, 1998