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Badger Team Mailbox  

Visit the UW Badger Ballroom Team mailbox for posting messages and sharing files with team members (see screen shot). This mail box is actually a shared web-based email account using HotMail. To check the mailbox, click on "Login" below. On the following screen, enter the username "uwballroom" and password (our Ballroom instructor's first name). When logged in, click "inbox" button to read postings.

Why Use This Mail Box? All messages and files posted to the bulletin board are stored indefinitely and can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet (e.g. at home or at any campus computer lab). To read and download files from the mailbox, log into the site by following the above instructions.You can also post replies and additional messages to the team mailbox. In addition, you can post messages and file attachments to the board with regular email by sending messages to "". Use this board to store team files & documents, treasury reports/spreadsheets, meetings minutes, and to archive all our listserv postings from

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*** Please use this bulletin board in good faith as a community resource. ***
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