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Phone Card 5.5 cents/minute
$28 Phone card for 512 minutes

Summary of phone card
Rate comparisons and actual costs
Useful tips & conveniences
Payment & shipping information
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Special Discount!
Purchase your first phone card with 512 minutes here and now,
and you can purchase another 128, 256 or 512 minutes
at the rate of 3.9 cents per minute!

Feature Summary:
  • Flat 5.5 cents/min for both In-state AND State-to-state calls

  • Cannot make calls from Hawaii & Alaska.
  • NO CONNECTION FEES! or per call charges for calls from private phones.
  • Use prepaid phone card at home or any phone in the USA.
  • Calls from payphones or hotels are charged a 55 cent fee.
  • Rate applies 24 hours x  7 days a week.
  • Tax INCLUDED - Why pay 8.5% of taxes with your long distance carrier!
  • No monthly FEES - Why pay monthly fees & minimums in long distance?!
  • Six month expiration from date of purchase or date of recharge.
  • Dial toll free 800# access, then assigned PIN#, then phone#.
  • When dialing in, remaining minutes are reported.
  • Press "#" after entering each number to skip reports to speed up dialin.
  • Or, begin dialing access numbers as reports are being read.
  • Dial ## to place more calls without redialing access number.
  • When minutes are used up, you're call is disconnected.
  • Access & pin numbers delivered by email - no delivery charges.

Rate Comparison: and %  savings with PhoneCard as of August 1999.

                 Rate   USF      Taxes   Cost   Saving%
     PhoneCard    5.5   incl     incl    5.5    -----
     ATT        ( 7.0 + 4.9%) +  8.5%    7.97   30.99% 
     MCI        (10.0 + 7.2%) +  8.5%   11.63   52.71%

    Long distance carriers like AT&T and MCI (including dial around services like 1010-811) charge a monthly USF fee to your total charge, and then charge additional taxes (8.5%) on your subtotal! A double wham charge! Long distance carriers also charge monthly service fees and monthly minimums! They also charge outrageous rates for in-state calls. Don't put up with it!

Useful Tips:
  • Use it from home and save on long distance phone calls!
  • Calls with phone card can be made from home without subscribing to a long distance carrier, saving you dollars in monthly fees and monthly minimums!
  • Use one account for business calls, another for personal calls, to easily keep track of business expenses.
  • If you live with housemates or room mates, you can all have your own accounts to simplify bill payments.

Payment & Shipping:
Auction winners will be sent an order form and detailed payment instructions by e-mail within 3 days after the eBay auction has ended. Phone card 800# access and pin numbers, plus instructions will be delivered by email with no delivery charges!

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