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East Coast Swing
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About music
Audio clip
Music CDs
Music CDs
Video demos
American syllabus

Dance Figures
Basic pattern video
Double rhythm basic video
American spin anim
Triple basic rythm video
Closed basic video
Underarm outside turn video
Underarm inside  turn video
Man's underarm turn video
Throw out video
Link step video
Sailor shuffle anim
Sliding door anim
Sweet heart anim
Turning link video
Twist to boogie anim
Two-hand right spin video
Two-hand left spin video
Behind the back change video
Dance sequence & notes
  Tuck & spin
  Underarm right turn
  Sliding door w/ hitchkick
  American open spin
  Underarm right turn
  Sailor shuffle with kicks

Other resources
  Swing bulletin board
  Listen to In the Mood

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By Allan Jeong
Copyright 1998-2000