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Introduction [back]

  Beginner basics
  Basic tips
  Dance syllabus
  Glossary of terms
  Music audio samples
  Song selections
  Dance music & songs
  Music tempos
  Etiquette & more
  Proper attire
  History of ballroom


Modern [back]

* Waltz
* Foxtrot
* Tango
* Quickstep
* Viennese Waltz

Latin [back]

* Cha Cha
* Swing
* Jive
* Rumba
* Samba
  Paso Doble.
* Salsa
* Mambo
* Merengue
* Bolero

Nite Club [back]

* Hustle
* Two Step
* Lindy Hop
* West Coast Swing
* Macarena

Techniques [back]

  Tips on leading & following
  The five basic foot positions
  Direction of movements
  The eight lines of dances
  Modern dance techniques
  Qualities of good dancing
  Tips to good dancing
  Competition tips

Resources [back]

Dance Studios
Events & Competitions
Amateur Organizations
Ballroom music + more
Ballroom Books
Ballroom Dance Links
Ballroom Newsgroup
Ballroom Chat Room
Voice chat room  new!
Discussion Forum
Instructional videos
... more videos
... more videos
... on CD-ROM & more
News & Publications
Television broadcast
Photos of champions
Video clips & more
Search Midi music

Supplies [back]

  Dance shoes
  Ballroom gowns
  Latin dresses
  Men's wear
  Shoe bags
  Dance Music
  Ballroom books

  List of vendors
  Classified ads

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All rights reserved
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